Dear readers are you ready for Sheosar Lake trek guide! There are a number of lakes in Pakistan that have been universally acknowledged for their superior and incredible beauty and their natural magnificence. However, there is one lake which is above most in its magnificence and its grace. This lake is located in the Deosai National Park and is called the Sheosar Lake.

According to the local language, the lake is “blind” as it does not feed any other lakes. Therefore, it has been named as Sheosar. The word Sheosar is a combination of two words from the local language which is called the Shina Language. “Sheo” means blind and “SAR” means lake. So, the literal meaning is the “blind lake”.

Sheosar Lake Geography

Sheosar Lake is situated in the Deosai national park. The entire park is present in the northern province of Gilgit Baltistan. The park has many vast meadows and the Sheosar Lake is also located near flat surfaces of a plateau. The average height of the lake above sea level is 4,142 meters or almost 13,589 ft. The location of the lake is above the tree line level in a plateau of Karakorum Mountains called the Karakoram Tibetan Plateau. The actual location of the lake is a high elevation alpine steppe.


The lake is very large and its vast and plain surface adds to its beauty. The widest point the lake is almost 2.3 kilometers wide which is almost 1.4 miles. However, the length of the lake is almost 1.8 kilometers. Even though the depth of the lake varies from one point to other and it can have sharp inclines in various places, overall it is not very deep. The average depth of the entire lake is only 40 meters coming in at around 125 feet.

Best Time To Visit Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake is located in an area which receives a lot of snowfall. Therefore, much of the area is snow bound during the winter and spring months. The snow usually starts from the month of October and then it will not melt until the start of May. Therefore, trips should fall between the months of May and October. The best time to visit the lake is from late May to early September.

Sheosar Lake Trek Guide

Trips to the Sheosar Lake should usually take 4 days. This includes hiking and travelling. Many tourists stay in camps, but there are also permanent hotels in many places where stay can be arranged. But if a person wants to see the beauty of the lake in the morning and the afternoon then it is recommended that they stay at the lake using camps. Here is a breakdown of your 5-day journey.

Day 1 Travelling towards Sheosar Lake

During this day the people who have reached Narran earlier travel to Chillas. The road to Chillas is very winding and it is recommended that only professional drivers undertake this road. There are jeeps for hire in the city of Narran which are available for this route so the best way is to use the jeep transport instead of opting for solo drive or self-drive.

Day 2 Travelling towards Sheosar Lake

On the second day, the trip should leave for Skardu early in the morning. When they arrive at Skardu, they should quickly hire another jeep for transportation to the top. Going to the top, it must be kept in mind that Deosai top will not be the main stay rather the trip should travel to Barapani and the travelers should stay there.

Day 3 Travelling towards Sheosar Lake

On the third day, the hikers should leave for Sheosar as it will take them around 4 hours of tough hiking to get there. Many hikers wish to camp at the lake and it can be one of the most wonderful experiences of the entire trip.

Day 5 Travelling towards Sheosar Lake

The next day, hikers will have to take the route through the magnificent Chackor Pass which will take them to Astore passing through Chilam Chowki as well.


Sheosar Lake Trekking Equipments and Kit

Any hiking trip to Deosai will require that all participants have individual hiking bags and carrying equipment. It will require that all members have sleepings bags, mattresses, prepared food, well insulated and possibly waterproof upper jackets and warm clothes underneath. Other equipment to carry includes various camps, fly sheets for the said camps and stoves, etc. to prepare food. Hikers should also carry first aid kits to get the treatment in case of any injury.

Trekking Precautions And Survival Tips

Hikers should take the following precautions to make sure that the trip is safe.

  1. Make sure that all members have the physical training to take the trip
  2. All participants should make sure that they have all the equipment needed. Arrange for spares in case one camp is lost.
  3. All hikers should take care while hiking and keep their footing firm. Any injuries should be treated at once with the first aid kit.
  4. All hikers should travel in groups.
  5. Vehicles used by the locals should not be overloaded. If a vehicle is being overloaded, it can be requested that only some people travel on it while others catch up later on.
  6. If two vehicles are used, the ones who reach a destination first should wait for other members to arrive before starting the trip.

Sheosar Lake’s Nature Reserves

Deosai National Park is dedicated to the magnificent brown; however, it is also a prime habitat of ibex and the foxes. Other species such as the golden marmot and elder gray wolf as well as the snow leopard reside here as well. During spring and summer season more than one hundred and twenty four species of birds arrive here to stay. These include golden eagles, snowcock, sparrow hawk and various varieties of vultures.

flowers at sheosar lake

The flora of the area is extremely diverse with many flowering plants found in the area which grow into blooming rivers of flowers every summer. Furthermore, there are many plants which are highly prized for their medicinal properties; these include the Artemisia maritima as well which has long been used in the local drugs and home remedies.