Hikers are providing camping facility in all Northern Areas of Pakistan with all basic necessities and security. We also provide camping at the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan like Ratti Gali Lake , Dudipatsar Lake, Lulusar Lake, Saral Lake, Sheosar Lake, Lake Saif ul Malook, Ansoo lake, Rush Lake, Rama Lake, Satpara Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Karambar Lake and Naltar Lake . Hikers has setup of camping for more than 300 people at any place in Pakistan. Camping equipment is also available on rent.

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Camping at Rama Valley

Trekking / Hiking

Hikers are offering trekking and hiking in Northern areas of Pakistan. We are providing facilities and infrastructure of trekking trips in best Northern areas of Pakistan. We are welcome you to the high altitude treks of Pakistan.

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Event Planning

We can plan an event for you and make it memorable for years.

Are you looking for an event planning agent who can plan your events in northern Pakistan. Simply drop us with the details and we would like to plan your events.

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Travel Experts

Tanveer Hussain Nandla

Founder at Hikers, Landlord at Nandla and Lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan.

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Rana Zahid Iqbal

Co-Founder at Hikers.

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Why Choose Us

Luxury Travel Experience
We provide you with the luxury travel experience right from the pick-up point to the destination. When you choose us you make sure that you will be traveling to awe-inspiring destinations across Pakistan in luxury and well-maintained vehicles.
Luxury Accommodation
We make sure that everyone who travels with us gets to stay in a luxury accommodation no matter which destination it may be. All the hotel stays are equipped with basic as well as luxury facilities and the environment is pretty clean and enjoyable.
Expert Guides and Hikers
You may not get the company of expert guides and hikers anywhere else when you travel across Pakistan. Out expert guides and hikers have years of traveling experience across Pakistan and they know what each route demands to guide you through a perfect journey.
A Fun-Filled Journey
When you travel with us, you get to enjoy the company of other enthusiastic travelers with lots of opportunities to explore nature as well as people alike. We ensure that you get to enjoy every second of your journey with us.
Travel with Entrepreneurs
On our tours across Pakistan, there at least a couple of entrepreneurs and self-motivated people traveling with us. So, you can have a learning experience besides having all the adventure during the trip.
Explore Typically Unknown Destinations
We take you to the destinations that are typically unknown and many don’t even know that they exist in Pakistan. From popular lakes to the notorious mountain tops, you can plan to travel with us anywhere in Pakistan.
Best Deals on Offer
We offer best deals on the market. Whether you are a student, honeymoon couple or just an ardent traveler, we have the right package for you. Plus, you can’t have such an experience at such affordable prices anywhere else.
Best Service and Customer Care
Best service and customer care is on top of our priority list. We assist you through every step of the process and make sure that your experience with us makes you travel with us again. We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s what makes us proud.