Satpara Lake Trekking: There are many lakes around the world which have been devastated by the impact of human civilization. The negative impact occurs in many ways. However, the number of lakes which have been actually saved and then made even more beautiful than before by humans is very small. It is almost so small that it can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, among those great and magnificent natural wonders that have been given a new facade by modern day human is the Satpara Lake located near Skardu in the province of Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan. This lake was one of the most magnificent sights of the area but now a large dam has been built downstream from the lake and the lake has grown even more beautiful. Tourists now flock to the lake the year around to see the amazing lake and the surrounding scenery.

Satpara Lake’s Geography

Satpara Lake is located near the capital city, Skardu, of the Gilgit Baltistan Province of Pakistan. The distance of the city from the lake is roughly 9 kilometers i.e. about 5.6 miles. These days this distance is covered via road in about 20 minutes time. The height of the lake from sea level is about 2,635 meters which is almost around 8645 feet. Even though it is this high, the lake retains flowing water throughout the year and there is no frozen water even in winter season.

Best Time To Visit Satpara Lake

The lake is open the whole year but this does not mean that the optimal time to travel to the lake is anywhere in the summer or the winter months. Rather the best time to travel to the lake is in the spring when the lush vegetation near the lake has taken full form and the flowers have started to bloom. With the vegetation growing and the flowers blooming, the vast lake which measures more than 2.5 Km2 becomes a marvel of nature. And as the dam has added more space to the lake, this time is the best time to see various animals that have now made their homes near the lake in order to reap the benefits that it brings.

Satpara Lake Trekking Guidance

The lake is located only 20 minutes away from the main city of Skardu. As it is a lake that has been used by the government to create a dam, it is usually not possible to stay at the lake overnight unless express permission has been taken beforehand from the government officials. This permission allows the trekkers who are going to the lake to not only camp and stay at the lake but allows them access to the dam that has been built downstream as well. A tour can be completed in three days as follows.

Day One

The best way to take a trip to the lake is to travel to Skardu on the first day and then find a good hotel to stay there at night.

Day Two

On the second day, the members of the group can travel to the lake and enjoy an entire day at the lake. The groups can then return to their hotel in the evening or the afternoon and spend the night again in Skardu.

Day Three

On the third day, the trekkers can depart for their home.

Satpara Lake Trek Precautions

The lake and its surroundings are home to many species of wild animals and, therefore, care should be taken not to destroy nature when traveling to the lake. Here are some tips to help a trip to the lake.

  • Always make sure that all arrangements have been made in hotels before starting on a trip. If the hotel has not been booked beforehand, there can be problems with the stay. Make sure that the booking has been confirmed before setting out.
  • Make sure that all members are carrying their Identification Cards (not copies, but original national identification cards). In case of traveling with foreigners, make sure that all of them have the appropriate papers. Expatriate Pakistanis should also make sure that their Pakistani identification papers are with them at all times.
  • When on the lake, make sure that no member of the group does anything to destroy nature, such as throwing garbage around, starting fires, using fire crackers, etc.
  • Make sure that no member of the group carries any fire arms with them while on the lake or in the city. If a member is bringing firearms, they should have all the appropriate documentation and the permits along with the required license of the said firearm.
  • Make sure that the person driving the jeep to the lake has sufficient experience driving that kind of vehicle on mountainous roads. If no such person is available, it is better to travel to Skardu, then park the car there and hire a local jeep for the trip to and from the lake.

Satpara Lake Nature Reserves

As the lake is located in an ideal spot, there are many animals that will be seen from the lake’s edge. Small animals like foxes and weasels will be easily seen; however, their population is in steady decrease ever since more and more people have started to visit the lake. Other mammals such as mountain goats, etc. may be seen as well but most of them have been domesticated. The best part of the trip will be the various birds that will be visible on the lake and around it. The lake is prime nesting ground for many northern birds as it provides easy to catch food. However, some birds are only migratory and will use the lake as a watering hole before going on their way.

Satpara Lake

The birds on the lake will also include various varieties of hawks, and ospreys as well as vultures and eagles. These birds like the hunting grounds that have been provided by the lake as it has increased in size. So, you can get the sight of many of these unique species at this beautiful gem of nature, the Satpara Lake.

The lake itself and the region are also full of beautiful wild flowers and many unique species. The areas nearby are known for some of the most delicious apricots, walnuts, pears and grapes. Deosai Plain which is just at around half an hour drive from Sakardu is known as “Bhear Sar” that translates as area of the flowers. So, you can expect a lot of greenery at the lake and in the surrounding areas as well. There will be worth capturing scenery and a trip where you can explore nature at its best would certainly be an ideal one.