Rama Lake Trekking Guide: There are many lakes around the world that have become attractions not only because they are beautiful and majestic in their own rights, but also due to the fact that the trek towards these lakes is a very magnificent journey. One such lake is the Rama lake of Pakistan. Rama Lake is one of the most amazing lakes in the country and the journey to the lake is one of the most awe-inspiring journeys that any trekker can undertake. The journey is totally through the lush green fields of the plateau and is, therefore, an exhilarating experience for the travelers.

Rama Lake’s Geography

The Rama Lake is located in a valley formed by the high mountains. The valley is known as the Astore valley. There are three different lakes in the region which have been given the name of “sarot” collectively in the local language called Shina. The lake has also given its name to the village located nearby and as the area has developed over the years and more and more tourists have come to visit the beautiful lake in recent times. This has led to more and more people coming to settle in the Rama village in order to trade with the tourists and the trekkers. The elevation of the lake above sea level is 3300 meters which is roughly around 10800 feet. Due to this, the lake and the surrounding valley get covered in snow for a long time every year.

Rama Lake Trekking with Hikers.pk

Rama Lake Trekking with Hikers.pk

Best Time To Visit Rama Lake

Rama Lake is located in the high mountains where there is annual snowfall and the snow settles on the ground for more than 6-7 months each year. Therefore, the best and the only time when the lake is accessible is the summer time. However, when the snow melts in the early summer season it leaves behind the ground as wet and soggy, and there are no plants which have grown yet. The entire landscape is very barren and almost marshy during this time of the year. But when a couple of months have passed, the lake and the surrounding areas are devoid of snow and the vegetation which had been in the ground covers the entire area forming a lush green forest.

Rama Lake

Even the trees which have survived the snow get a new life. Therefore, the lake should only be visited during the mid-summer. This is also the time when various small animals and the migrating birds are visible on the lake and around the lake.

Rama Lake Trekking Guidance

The lake is very easy to reach and the trek to the lake has been classed as an easy trek. The reason for this is that even though the lake is located at a very high altitude, the area surrounding the lake is not very rough and it is also quite easily accessible by jeep. Furthermore, the lake is also accessible via jeep and there are many “jeep safaris” that are available for traveling to the lake.

The choice is, therefore, up to the group of the travelers as they can both take the jeep to the lake and load all of their supplies in the jeep and can trek to the lake carrying the supplies as well. After reaching the lake, they can either camp on the lake or just visit the lake and then return the same day without camping on the lake. A very popular option these days is that travelers and hikers will take their own supplies and camping equipment with them to the village then hire a jeep and send the equipment with the jeep and one member of the group to the lake.

Rama Lake surroundings

The other members will then trek to the lake without the burden of the equipment. When they reach the lake, they will pitch the tents and enjoy the night at the lake. In the morning the jeep which had been ordered before will arrive to pick them up and they will again load the equipment in the jeep and trek on foot towards the village all the time enjoying the scenery and the lush green vegetation.

Rama Lake Trekking Precautions

The precautions to take during this trek are very different from ordinary treks or hikes. As the lake and the surrounding area is a natural habitat, the first thing to be kept in mind should be that all hikers should try to conserve nature. Given below are some tips on how to trek and enjoy the trip:

  1. Always make sure that the entire group is well supplied. List all the supplies beforehand and make sure everything has already been arranged.
  2. Make sure no member of the group is travelling to the lake alone without any guide. Try to stay in small groups. Make sure there is communication between groups.
  3. Make sure no birds and small mammals are shot by any member of the group. Guns and other hunting equipment should not be used or taken to the trek without explicit permission and the required paperwork from the local government.
  4. Make sure that the garbage of the group is well taken care of and not left on the lake thereby spoiling its beauty.

Rama Lake’s Nature Reserves

One of the most well-known animals in the entire region is the Ibex and, its close relative, the Urial. These two will be easy to see in the distance when they are grazing. Small mammals such as the weasels and marmots will also be easy to see. However, there will be other animals which are spotted only by a good chance and through good luck. These include the snow cock and the snow pigeons which come only for a few months.

Rama Lake Flowers

The vegetation that grows in the area is comprised of small shrubs such as the flowering plants, various berries, edible roots and ferns. Other than that, the area is world famous for its hardwood and conifer trees which are being used by the logging industry. Overall, the environment is lush-green and there are many beautiful places around.