Lalazar Valley: When visiting any tourist spot there are many things that come into the mind. One of them is that there must be some great green pasture or meadow that a person can just sit near and relax while his eyes take in the green beauty that has been laid in front of him by nature. When visiting the area of the Kaghan valley one thing is for certain that this wish of every single traveler is fulfilled if they visit the lush green LaLaZar meadows located in the valley.

Like a sea of green and lush vegetation, they are in from the tourists and they stretch as far as the eyes can see. From the perspective of a tourist, they’re the ultimate relaxation for a person who wants to get away from it all.

Lalazar Geography

Although the meadows are located in a very high area with their elevation foot almost 10,499 feet equating to 3,200 meters above the sea level, they are within the height where lush vegetation can thrive in the summer months, and this is the reason that the geography of the area makes it a unique meadow as standing on the carpet of lush green grass a person can see the mountains covered in snow and they can marvel at the two most beautiful sights in nature.

Best Time To Visit Lalazar

There is only one time to visit the meadows as the purpose of visiting the LaLaZar is to see two of the most beauteous sights in nature at the same time. Therefore, the visits made in late summer and in winter are of no value. The best time to visit the meadows is in early and mid-summer when the melting of the snow from the meadow itself has created the perfect spot for the lush vegetation of the meadows to grow to its full potential and, at the same time, the snow on the mountains’ top has taken on the hue of a bearded sage.

The best months for a visit are the months of June and July while the months of August and May are the months which can be used for a visit but they will not show the best area and the best views. The reason behind this is that in the month of May the pass may not have become accessible and in the month of August much of the vegetation may have dried out from the scorching summer sun.

Lalazar Trekking Guidance’s

There are two ways to reach the meadows. One of the treks is a jeep track which allows the people to ride in a jeep and go along a steep track that takes them to the top of the lalazar meadows. The second is the trek which will allow hikers to take the trail to the meadows via a steep pass, after passing through the pass near the Lake called Safi ul Malook. This will take almost 6 to seven hours if the new hikers are going to attempt the hike. Also it will require good equipment to be carried along so that the trekkers can enjoy a perfect trekking experience.

Equipment And Kit for Lalazar Trekking

There are two kinds of people who will visit the meadows during the season. The first are the ones who will want to travel to the meadows in mechanized vehicles like jeeps. For them the equipment needed is minimal and should only include the basic traveling and carrying equipment. They should, however, take all the personal equipment with them and take some food as well. Cooking stoves can be left behind.

The second kind of people is the ones who travel to the meadows on foot. They are the ones who travel with full hiking strategy, so they should take all the equipment that is needed for hiking. This will include full hiking gear, carrying and camping equipment, as well as food, prepared and otherwise, cooking stoves, water carrying equipment and other things needed for a full hike such as fly sheets, sleeping bags and tent pegs.

All groups, no matter how they are travelling, should take good care to be in possession of sturdy boots and walking sticks.

Precautions And Survival Tips at Lalazar

There are some tips that must be kept in mind when travelling to these areas.

  1. Make sure all trips are preplanned and people in the group know of the plan so no one is arguing when the trip reaches the destination
  2. Make sure that all members of the group are in peak physical shape and condition
  3. Make sure no one over exerts because an injury will slow down the entire group and is not the best thing to happen while on such a trip
  4. All people should keep ID card with them.
  5. All foreigners travelling with the group should have their papers with them as well
  6. All groups should make sure that the people driving the jeeps are good drivers with experience of driving on mountain roads.

Lalazar Nature Reserves

There are many animals and plants that are unique to the area. However, one of the most astounding animals of the area is the famed Markhor which can reach high mountains and difficult to traverse passes and then make its home there. These animals used to be quite common in the area but in recent years their appearances have gone down.

There are many birds that will make this great meadow their home during the summer months as well. These include buntings, tits, fly catchers, snow pigeons and common teals. Along with these, the birds of prey like hawks and falcons will also inhabit the area too.

Large mammals are also present in and around the area, but reports of bear and leopard sightings have gone down ever since humans moved into the area.

Here you can find pine forests as well and the area is also known for many plants with colorful flowers. Different shrubs and herbs can also be found in the area as well.