Naltar Lake Trekking Guide: There are some lakes in the world which are known for their great color, while there are some which are known for the great treks and great paths that lead to them. The three Naltar Lakes in Pakistan are a prime example of both of these great qualities. One of the […]

Upper Kachura Lake: There are amazing sights in many parts of the world, but some sites have become synonymous with beauty and with amazing scenery. One such site is Shangrilla. No matter what the world has seen, all the tourists will be ready to flock to this amazing piece of land. However, there is not […]

Satpara Lake Trekking: There are many lakes around the world which have been devastated by the impact of human civilization. The negative impact occurs in many ways. However, the number of lakes which have been actually saved and then made even more beautiful than before by humans is very small. It is almost so small […]

Rama Lake Trekking Guide: There are many lakes around the world that have become attractions not only because they are beautiful and majestic in their own rights, but also due to the fact that the trek towards these lakes is a very magnificent journey. One such lake is the Rama lake of Pakistan. Rama Lake […]

Rush Lake Trekking Guide: Pakistan has many beautiful lakes but some of them are so unique that they stand alone in their respective categories. One such lake is the amazing and the extraordinary Rush Lake. This lake is one of the alpine lakes of Pakistan and it has the honor of being the highest alpine […]

One of the most beautiful and unique lakes in the magnificent Kaghan Valley is known as the Ansoo lake. This lake has been recently discovered and is the epitome of the word “off the beaten track”. According to reports by the Pakistani Military, one of their air patrols was flying over the area when the […]

Lake Saif ul Malook is amongst the most mesmerizing and attractive natural beauties in Pakistan. The lake’s pleasant atmosphere as well as its associated tale has been a source of attraction for large number of tourists every year. The lake, that forms the shape of an Oval, spreads over one mile area and features crystal […]

Dear readers are you ready for Sheosar Lake trek guide! There are a number of lakes in Pakistan that have been universally acknowledged for their superior and incredible beauty and their natural magnificence. However, there is one lake which is above most in its magnificence and its grace. This lake is located in the Deosai […]

Pakistan has many splendid lakes, but there is one that stands out form the rest “Saral Lake“. It is a lake which is so magnificent that if someone was to call it the princess of lakes, he will not be far from the truth. This magnificent lake is named as Saral Lake which is situated […]