Lalazar Valley: When visiting any tourist spot there are many things that come into the mind. One of them is that there must be some great green pasture or meadow that a person can just sit near and relax while his eyes take in the green beauty that has been laid in front of him […]

Jalkhad Point: When people travel to far off places to see the raw quality of nature, one of the things that they admire most is that small places which are not even shown as hotspots appear to them as parts of paradise. This is quite common on treks and hikes. The best thing about them […]

Babusar top is not merely a simple top, rather it is considered to be one of the most amazing spots of the entire Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. While on the top, the visitors are able to see in every direction many a mile. The top has been called as a telescope on a mountain looking […]

Kaghan Valley: Pakistan has been blessed with natural beauty that rivals that of all other countries in Europe and Asia. There are lush green valleys which are so magnificent that they appear like a dream. One of these amazing valleys is the Kaghan Valley located in the northern parts of the country. This valley has […]

Shogran Valley: There are numerous valleys in Pakistan, and each one of them is extremely beautiful. However, one valley stands out from the rest. This amazing valley with its collection of amazing flora and fauna, along with its pristine surroundings is the green heart of northern Pakistan and is known by the name of Shogran […]

Siri Paye Meadows is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Northern Pakistan where nature can be found blushing everywhere. In spring season, the flowers bloom and these colorful creatures look awe-inspiring with the white backdrop of the Makra Peak. This place is simply the best for a weekend adventure or even a full-fledge […]

Naltar Lake Trekking Guide: There are some lakes in the world which are known for their great color, while there are some which are known for the great treks and great paths that lead to them. The three Naltar Lakes in Pakistan are a prime example of both of these great qualities. One of the […]

Upper Kachura Lake: There are amazing sights in many parts of the world, but some sites have become synonymous with beauty and with amazing scenery. One such site is Shangrilla. No matter what the world has seen, all the tourists will be ready to flock to this amazing piece of land. However, there is not […]