Babusar top is not merely a simple top, rather it is considered to be one of the most amazing spots of the entire Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. While on the top, the visitors are able to see in every direction many a mile. The top has been called as a telescope on a mountain looking on the Kaghan valley below. The name of Babusar top has now become synonymous with the trips taken to see the entire Kaghan Valley and the mountain ranges that encircle the pass. One of the most amazing things about the pass is that it is reachable by road and a new road has been made ready to access the pass even in the winter months. The roads are maintained by the army and, therefore, are in top condition.

Babusar Top Geography

Babusar top is located in the northern side of the Kaghan Valley and, being the highest location in the entire valley, its elevation above the sea level is 4173 meters which equates to almost 13,691 feet above the sea level. The nearest habitation to the pass is the village of Jalkhad which may serve as a base for the people who want to visit the pass in a single day and then return to their accommodation.

Best Time To Visit Babusar Top

The pass is open for visitors the year round except on some days when the snow will make it very difficult to travel. However, the winter months should be avoided as it is very easy to get stuck in the snow which falls in sporadic burst throughout the winter.

When visiting the pass for the winter season, the best way is to travel in jeeps with special wheels instead of cars and other vehicles and the best time for this is the month of October for by the time November starts the snow will have become a hazard.

For those who want to see the beauty of the entire valley, the best time to travel is the month of June and early July. This will allow them to see many parts of the valley as well as the pass in its glory. During this time the pass will allow visitors to see the entire vista of the valley in amazing 360 degree views.

Babusar Top Travelling Guidance

There is a fully metaled road leading to the pass, but it must be kept in mind that from the village of Jalkhad up till the pass the road can be like any other mountain road. That means that the road will be straight up, it will be steep and it will be taking its toll on the cars or the jeeps. Therefore, care should be taken when driving to the pass. There is no accommodation at the pass and it is not recommended that hikers and trekkers stay on the pass as the weather can change very quickly and winds will get hellish during the night. Therefore, the best advice for hikers is to leave their equipment in the camp at Jalkhad and then continue to the pass via jeep then return to Jalkhad and get their equipment.

Equipment And Kit for Babusar Top Travelling

There is no particular equipment needed for going to the pass. However, the simplest things should be taken. For example, when going to the pass all members should have sturdy boots as the pass is full of harsh rocks. The Babusar Top is known for its high winds so all members should wear warm clothes and have weather proof jackets in them as well.

Another important thing to remember is that all equipment that is being carried by hikers who are visiting the valley should be left at camp in Jalkhad when visiting the pass as it will be just a burden to carry.

The third important thing to keep in mind for the equipment is that all people should have good and sturdy walking sticks if they want to scale the small hills that surround the pass.

Precautions And Survival Tips at Babusar Top

As with all other treks, some things should best be kept in mind to ensure the safety of the entire hiking team.

  1. Always keep national identity cards with yourself.
  2. All members of the group must have valid licenses for any cars that they drive or for any fire arms that they carry
  3. No member of the groups should engage in any illegal activity
  4. All members should make sure that they do not go to the very edges of the Babusar Top hills, as there may be erosion which can lead to crumbling ledges.
  5. Never stray far from the group while on steep edges.
  6. Always make sure where the footing is when taking photographs and never walk backwards when taking the photographs.

Babusar Top Nature Reserves

The area near the top is full of great species of birds, animals, flowers and bushes. The forests near the top are of hardwood trees and they’re in lush condition the year round. The birds that migrate to other parts of the country are visible on and near the pass during the summer months only. Snowcock and snow pigeons are the most likely candidates to be seen near the pass and hawk and eagles are seen near as well.

Mammals such as small marmots and wild sheep are often seen near the pass as well. There were reports of brown bears near the pass and some ibex crossings but these have ceased with increase in human population.

The area of the pass will not have any major species of plants except some grass because of its high altitude, but all of the flora will be found growing near the pass in valleys and near the roads as well. There is also some cultivation going on in the villages near the pass, where medicinal herbs gathered form the forests are cultivated in homes and huts, but this has not caught on much and there are not many people growing these either.