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About Us – Hikers

About Us

If You Are Serious About Achieving Success In Any
Area of Your Life, Master Your Mindset

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We are Hikers and we are passionate about bringing nature-lovers and explorers from all walks of life to enjoy their time in nature and explore the breathtaking beauty and spellbinding wilderness of Northern areas of Pakistan.

Founded by Zahid Iqbal and a team of travel enthusiasts, sharing the love for photography, camping, trekking, and exploring typically unexplored destinations. Since 2015, Hikers has made possible memorable tours for adventurous ones, entrepreneurs, and fun-filled journeys for families.

If you’ve ever failed at reaching any goal in life, the problem could all be in your mind. That’s how important your mindset is. Your mind is your most powerful force.

– Roy Steffen

Our team of travel experts ensure all sorts of necessities and securities which are necessary while traveling, camping, and hiking so you can have the best time of your life. We also offer a wide range of necessary travel supplies along with the best customer care, making your experience completely hassle-free. We offer multiple tour packages to accommodate the requirements so anyone can join us on our tours.


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